Tiffany Style Lampshade

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Tiffany is a world renown name in stained glass and the Tiffany Lamp is the gold standard for stained glass lamps.  Create an incredible Tiffany style family heirloom lamp using the Odyssey lamp-making system.

Making a Tiffany style lamp will be intense but satisfying when you see how its illumination beautifies any room. 

 Select your lamp size and style, then come into the studio and we will help you hand pick some amazing glass (like Tiffany would have used) and teach you the techniques necessary to build your beautiful heirloom lamp.  Plan ahead with us as this lamp can be costly but well worth the investment of your time, energy, and expense.

 Registration on this class closes on March 16 so we may order your lamp kit in time for the class.

 Each student needs to bring to class their cutting, foiling, and soldering equipment.

 Prerequisite:  Proficient in the Tiffany Foil Method of construction

 Once you register for this class you will receive information from us by email to select your lamp style

Class Schedule:  April 13, 6:00 pm