Pattern Making (Intermediate)

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We have been asked many times to offer our expertise on designing custom panels.  In this class, we will share lots of tips and techniques to make design elements more understandable.  When you are finished with the class you will be able to create a design for a specific size, using your own design elements or from other patterns, or pictures while using a variety of proper reinforcement techniques. 

Our customers always tell us this class was well worth taking. “I learned so much from this class.  There was more to this than I expected and you made the process so easy.”

In this class, done in three consecutive days,  we will only create the design.  Be prepared to come to class with an opening size and a general idea of what you might want as your focal.

Please bring to class:  Size of opening, Mechanical Pencil, Art Gum or Pink Pearl eraser, and a magazine

Prerequisite:  Previous class in stained glass 

Class Schedule: February 2, 3, and 4, 10:30am