Have A Heart: January 30 and February 6

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Come have fun with us creating a beautiful heart design, either for yourself or that special someone.  From 6 patterns you will choose your design.  To enhance your piece, we will demonstrate a decorative soldering technique and show you how to embellish with curls of twisted wire. 

Attend a one-day class for $45.00 or attend both classes for $75.00.  If you choose to attend both days, you will have the option to select additional patterns.

You will need to cut, grind and foil the pieces before coming to class.  You must foil the outer edge of the glass as well.  You may come into the studio and do it here prior to class if you choose to do so.

 In class we will show you how to "lock down" your pieces for soldering, we will demonstrate a few decorative soldering techniques and show you a few options to finish the organic edge.

Prerequisite:  Foil Method 

Be sure to bring:  

  • Your board to solder on and metal push pins  
  • Soldering equipment and solder 

If you don't have soldering equipment you may rent ours for $5.00 per class.

 Class Schedule:  Saturday, January 18 and 25, 10:30 – 1:30