Decorative Soldering

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Decorative soldering is a great way to add interest to any panel or to create those elements that may be difficult otherwise such as thorns on a rose. We will cover the techniques to accomplish 9 different techniques.  Students need to bring a board to work on in class.  To make the board the student will need to cut 7 pieces of any glass to the size of about 1.5” x 8”.  Foil all around each piece and solder them together side by side.  Do a flat solder seam on one side and a beaded solder seam on the other side.  Add a piece of zinc on one end for stability of the piece.

Prerequisite: Foil Method

Supplies needed:

  • Students need to bring their soldering equipment, flux, and solder
  • The solder board already made and ready to go.
  • If the student has two irons, one for lead method and one for foil method, bring both irons.
  • Bring a sharpie to write on the glass the name of the soldering technique.

This is a 1 day class, 2 hours or less.

Class Schedule: Tuesday, February 9, 1:00 pm