3-D Stained Glass Standing Angel

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This beautiful angel is quick and easy to make.  Once you know how you will be making several to display during the holidays.  We will make the angel in a 7” size but you may easily change the size to make more of various heights.  These angels are also a great gift for someone with a special need of comfort.

All glass needs to be cut and ground prior to class, we will only be assembling during class.  If you like, you may come in and use our space to do the cutting and grinding.  

Student will need to purchase lead for this class.

Prerequisite:  Glass cutting skills.  Soldering skills helpful.

Bring your cutting and soldering equipment (or you may rent ours for $13.00)  Bring your chemicals (or you may use ours for $7.00)

Class Schedule:  December 14, 10:30 am or 6:00 pm

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